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Custom Prospector Tours 2018

Colorado Bob Ross and a panoramic view of the dino zone

Colorado Bob Ross and a panoramic view of the dino zone.

Full-Day Dinosaur Bone Hunting Tour – $250 per person

Colorado Bob Ross and Tom’s Tours have partnered to offer a unique experience for dinosaur fossil hunting enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. With an exclusive concession to private Navajo Indian land, participants have the rare opportunity to collect and keep specimens that can be placed in an ore bag. This custom tour on private property is an exclusive opportunity to walk the lands the dinosaurs roamed and the ancients held sacred.   Uncover dinosaur bones, petrified wood, fossils,  crystals, and more.

Dinosaur Bone Zone

A unique feature of this field trip is that guests may collect the dinosaur fossils that they find under the guidance of Colorado Bob Ross and Stacy Linn Brown.  Most dinosaur fossils (such as T-Rex teeth and  ancient turtle shells) that have been discovered are approximately 65 million years old. The property has not been totally explored, and more is yet to be found.

This full-day tour is designed for groups of up to twelve people. Lunch and transportation is provided from Durango, Colorado to the dig location in the desert of northern New Mexico.

Half-Day Mining Tour – $125 per person

Prime times for touring the Bessie G gold mine  are limited due to snow pack which often prohibits access to the higher elevations until early July. That’s just the way things roll in the Rockies. Best stake your claim early to guarantee a shot at  learning first hand at how the pros find and process gold. If you are interested in panning for gold, Bob and Stacy will take you to prime locations in La Plata Canyon, and demonstrate tools and techniques.

Colorado Bob teaching tour guests about fossils

Colorado Bob teaches tour guests about fossils.

Half-Day Customized Off-Season Tour – $125 per person

Colorado Bob’s off-season tours are full of opportunities to find gold of another kind. Gems, minerals, fossils, petrified wood and dinosaur bones — just to mention a few. Walk the lands the dinosaurs roamed, and the ancients held sacred, as Bob and Stacy lend their knowledge and experience to your areas of interest. Let us know which minerals, gems, or fossils you are most passionate about, and Bob and Stacy will show you where to find it!

Prospector Tour FAQ

What are your restrictions?2017-06-23T11:32:32-06:00

Physical Handicap: Unfortunately, we are not equipped for the physically handicapped. Our tours are better suited for people who are active or can at least walk well. The ground can be uneven, steep in places, and rocky.

Age Limits: Our tours are not suitable for children under 4.

Pets: No pets except pre-approved service dogs for guests without mobility concerns.

Punctuality: Your prompt arrival on the morning of your tour, and preparedness, can make the trip go smoother for all of us. While we understand stuff happens, please be considerate and do your best to arrive at the designated times specific to your tour. We’re sorry that we can’t provide refunds for tardy guests that miss the departure time.

Do I get to keep what I find?2017-06-23T11:18:43-06:00

We will provide an authentic ore bag for you to collect your finds and it’s yours to keep! Our guests are allowed to keep what they find that fits in the ore bag plus one medium sized (or a bit larger if we have space) to take home with you! When it comes to hunting dinosaur fossils, we don’t know of any other tours that provide this unique benefit.
ore bag

What do you provide?2017-06-23T11:12:07-06:00

We will provide transportation from Durango to the dig site and back. Your trip includes a nice sack lunch from one of our excellent establishments in Durango including a sandwich, chips, and fruit. We will have plenty of water, but you may wish to bring your own water bottle. We’ll bring blankets to sit on for our picnic lunch wherever we can find shade. We may even have a show and tell session during our picnic, and afterwards we’ll all go back out to find more rocks and fossils.

What should I bring?2017-06-23T11:01:06-06:00
A lightweight backpack, a hat, sunscreen, and make sure to bring your camera. You’ll definitely want to capture the moment you find a crystallized chunk of petrified wood, or a dinosaur vertebrae, or a turtle shell millions of years old. Many locations we’ll be going to is private land owned by the Navajo people. We are their guests so please honor their privacy.
Water: We always have water available, but you may wish to bring your own water bottle. It’s easy to get dehydrated in the desert so make water a priority. Your lightweight backpack will be your new BFF.
How should I dress?2017-06-23T10:49:48-06:00

Wear good hiking boots or sneakers, socks, long pants (capris aren’t suggested) and long sleeves because there’s cactus, stickers, prickly shrubs and sometimes critters. Being covered up is the very best protection from the sun. You’ll need a hat, sunglasses, and bring layers. The temperature during the day can vary a lot,  depending on the season. For your safety, please avoid wearing shorts, tank tops, flip flops or sandals.

Kids enjoy the Prospector Tour.

Our Prospector Tour is fun for the whole family!

Don’t miss the experience of a lifetime.

Let Us Customize a Tour for Your Group!

2018 Fall Tour Schedule: April 1 - November 15

Colorado Bob Ross and a panoramic view of the dino zone

 The Four Corners area is home to some of the BEST prospecting on the planet!

Stacy Linn Brown with tour guests at the Dino Zone.

Stacy Linn Brown with tour guests at the dino zone.

Colorado Bob Ross and Stacy Linn Brown have decades of prospecting experience now available to you. Whether you’d like to learn how to pan for gold, find your favorite mineral or crystal in the wild, or hunt for dinosaur bones, Bob and Stacy know where to take you.  They are passionate about sharing their knowledge, and enjoy teaching most of all. That’s why their mission is: Learn the Earth – One Rock at a Time.

Stacy Linn Brown with tour guests at the Dino Zone.

Bob Ross and Tommy Barnes at Tom’s Tours have partnered to provide an unforgettable vacation tour.

Facebook Testimonials

Durango Adventure Tours (now Toms Tours) provided the hummer and jeep transportation for our dinosaur and prospecting excursions with Colorado Bob Ross and Stacy Brown. It was my birthday, and it may qualify as the best ever! The owners went above and beyond to get us to the appropriate locations, through tough terrain, for the best possible experience. Tommy and Jeannie Barnes, the owners of DAT, gave us fantastic personal attention. They were also welcome participants at my surprise birthday party in the desert! We recommend this business wholeheartedly and would seek them out again. Great people, great service, great experience. Sincerely, Maddy and Karen and Holly and Fred.

Maddy Ramsey, September 24, 2016

See Maddy Ramsey’s review! I got to go on these two tours with her group. Tom and his wife were professional (on time, great info), but also made us feel like family right from the start. They shared our enthusiasm for the areas, history and rocks! I cannot imagine using another tour company in this area… We feel like these two tours were completely tailored to our needs and interests. Can’t wait to return! If you use them, you will not be disappointed!

Holly Minniti, April 8, 2017